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Back to Care Chiropractic provides a full spectrum of services in Buena Park CA from chiropractic care to X-rays, to physiotherapy to massage therapy, to rehab to make sure that it completes our mission with is changing humanity for the better forever.

Our chiropractic care is located in Buena Park CA, Orange County, California. Our approach at Back to Care Chiropractic is very unique: we do not guess on their evaluation. We do a full assessment and examination, which includes about 30 different orthopedic tests, a range of motion evaluation, X-rays, and even MRI studies to find out exactly what are the roots and causes of their pain and discomfort.

Conditions We Help in Buena Park CA

Our chiropractic doctors also provide care for a number of additional conditions, which include:

Pregnancy Chiropractic Care

Back to Care Chiropractic is getting a lot of recognition for its services treating the patients suffering from the physical stress of pregnancy. It’s common for women in Buena Park to visit a chiropractic clinic regularly for low back pain, as well as other related issues, such as sciatica, leg cramps, and constipation.
Pediatrician Chiropractic Care

Our Buena Park chiropractors have an excellent reputation with children chiropractic care. Stress and misalignment of the spine can have serious impacts on your child’s overall health, behavior, and development. A child’s nervous system is the controller and regulator of all the other systems in their growing body. From blood flow, to brain function and bone growth, the nervous system plays a central role in keeping things working and healthy.

Back to Care Chiropractic is a clinic that offers gentle and non-invasive therapy that works to correct underlying issues before they become hard-wired in during development, providing support for a pain-free and successful childhood.

Sports Injury? We are Specialized in Gonstead Chiropractic Therapy

We are specialized in Gonstead chiropractic therapy. This type of care is frequently used for sports medicine and is also used to alleviate low back pain. Diversified is one of the primary techniques in chiropractic therapy.

Leander Flexion-Distraction Technique

We are also specialized in the Leander Flexion-Distraction Technique, which involves adjusting the spine and stretching the muscles around the spine, using a motorized table. These adjustments are performed gently, making for a more enjoyable patient experience.

Drop Table Technique

At Back to Care Chiropractic in Buena Park CA we utilize a Drop Table Technique to enhance the motion force imparted towards the segment or area to be Adjusted. This technique takes advantage of the spine’s inherent design of the joints in order to move the spinal segment in the direction that will improve the motion of the segment with the one above and below.

Need More Flexibility? We are Specialized in Soft Tissue Work

We are happy to offer Soft Tissue Work to our patients as well. The purpose of soft tissue mobilization is to restore the normal muscular composition, flexibility, and function to the affected tissue.


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