Chiropractic Treatment For Sciatica In Buena Park CA

Sciatica Chiropractor Buena Park CA


Sciatica is a condition where a person will experience pain and discomfort potentially starting from your lower back buttocks area and running down to the bottom of your feet. Many people look for a buena park chiropractor to seek an alternative way to help alleviate sciatic pain. People who are looking for alternative treatments that are not surgical or medical procedures seek chiropractic care. When you leave sciatic pain untreated the symptoms can get worse and intensified making your daily life activities extremely difficult. This article aims at aiding you in understanding sciatica and how chiropractic care can assist you overcome the problem.


Sciatica, which is also called sciatic neuralgia, is an illness that causes discomfort and even intense pain starting at your lower spine potentially moving along your legs, and even into the feet. Many people tend to experience numbness, pain, tingling, in their legs or feet and makes standing or sitting for a long period of time difficult. Leaving sciatica untreated can cause additional pain and damage to the nerve, even causing permanent damage. The sciatic nerve is the longest nerve in your body therefore any potential damage or issue can cause pain or problems that radiate down your lower back to your feet. The sciatic nerve is a very long and complicated nerve in the lumbar spine that runs down your back, around the buttocks and down your legs before reaching your ankle or foot. If the vertebrae of the lower back become compressed, the sciatic nerve may become irritated and pinched, causing discomfort and potential injuries.


There are lots of causes of sciatica, the most common cause is when you have a building disc or an injury to your disc. When you have disc injuries it can cause pressure or pinching of the nerves causing pain and issues. Some things that cause sciatica can be poor posture that is typically referred to as subluxations or misalignment of your spine, other causes are injuries or accidents. Although most people think sciatica happens suddenly because they experience it suddenly it typically is caused over time.


Chiropractors that practice in Buena Park are well trained to understand and help with sciatica. They work with their patients to fully understand the problem and concern and to help determine the best method of treatment. After a thorough evaluation you may be started with a chiropractic adjustment, helping the body start the process of proper alignment. Healing time and results depend on multiple things. They depend on how your body reacts to treatment, everyone has a different response and some people see results faster than others. Also depending on the amount and type of damage this can vary the amount of time it will take to correct.

If you’re experiencing the symptoms of sciatica, contact the team at Back to Care Chiropractic today.

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