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Chiropractic For Pregnancy Buena Park CA


Pregnancy can cause a lot of physical stress, which can also cause a lot of discomfort. Lower back discomfort and other issues such as leg cramps, sciatica, and constipation can be frequent among pregnant women. so seeing a chiropractic doctor on a regular basis can be beneficial. If you’re located in or close to Buena Park, we could be a potential solution for your care.

Chiropractic care is a great treatment for back discomfort for anybody, but especially when you are pregnant. Many pregnant women have reported that their birth experience was less stressful after receiving chiropractic treatment. The following article takes a deep look into the discomfort that is caused by pregnancy. It explains precisely how chiropractic treatment can assist.


Pregnancy causes quite a few different changes within the body as you go through each pregnancy term. As your child grows in size the way you body supports itself also changes. Carrying a baby often causes your pelvis to tilt more, and add more weight to the front of your body, this often causes lower back pain and tension. Once you reach your last trimester when your baby weighs the most, even more pain and damage can occur to your sacrum, back, and hip joints because your weight is off-center.

Another area that is often affected by pregnancy is your nerves. Your spinal nerves run through your back spinal cord and are connected to many areas throughout your body. When you are pregnant the spine often becomes compressed, which can lead to nerve damage or other various issues. It is not uncommon to experience inflamed or nerve pain during pregnancy. During this, you will experience nerve pain radiating down and through your body, often referred to as sciatica.Sciatica is often referred to as a pain that radiates down your lower back and legs. If you have ever experienced prior issues with lower back pain, there is a higher possibility your pregnancy can have these issues or even worsen your symptoms.

Even after pregnancy you can experience back issues since this process can cause your spine to become misaligned. This may make it difficult to accomplish duties such as cradling a newborn on your back or front while breastfeeding, or lifting and putting things down after your baby is born.


Our team here at Back To Care are here to help you during your pregnancy and the time following as well. Your first visit will consist of an in depth examination which helps us determine the most effective treatment for you during this time. Chiropractic care will also prepare your body for childbirth by assisting the process as well as helping decrease your time in labor. Oftentimes you will have follow-up treatments during your pregnancy so we can fix or maintain the proper form of your body through the 9 month process.

If you’re interested in the ways chiropractic can assist you during your pregnancy, contact our helpful team at Back to Care Chiropractic today. We’re here to assist you.

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