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If you suffer from chronic back pain, chiropractic treatment could be an effective treatment option. Nearly everyone experiences some kind of back pain that ranges from mildly irritating to crippling in their lifetime. In extreme instances, it can be very difficult to experience daily life with the pain. This article is intended to help you understand what is causing your lower back pain and how chiropractic therapy can help you achieve long-term back health.


The back is composed of a variety of ligaments, tendons, discs, muscles, and bones. If you do not have a thorough knowledge of these various components, it is difficult to identify and treat the root of the problem. Chiropractic medicine can assist in helping you resolve any back issue you might have. We are here to assist you in finding efficient treatment, but we strongly suggest that you also consult with a doctor to identify the cause of your problems.


Herniation and disc bulges are conditions where our outer disc edges that are located between the vertebrae, become damaged. This central region is caused to expand. It is a very frequent problem and can potentially become extremely painful. A lot of people with this problem feel no pain whatsoever. The severity and quality of the pain when they experience discomfort, is contingent upon the nature and location of the hernia. The disc that is damaged could cause irritation to a nerve and stabbing or shooting pain could occur. Prompt examination and identification is crucial as this can help prevent further injury. Our chiropractors will carefully examine your back in order to determine the severity of the problem and provide the best treatment plans.

It is important that this issue is properly identified and promptly treated to avoid further damage. A chiropractor in Buena Park will thoroughly assess your back to determine the extent of the issue and the appropriate treatment to prevent worsening of the herniation, and provide relief from the associated pain.


Subluxation is a term used in medicine to refer to a misalignment of the spinal column.. Subluxations can be quite painful and may cause disruption to normal motion. They are among the most often overlooked causes of back discomfort. Chiropractors have been trained to detect and fix this problem with non-invasive techniques for adjustment.


Sprains and strains typically happen when we perform activities that our bodies are not used to or when we’ve been injured in an accident. A twisting and lifting motion, or over stretching are typical causes of injuries and strains to the back. They can be painful, and are often accompanied by swelling and bruising in the surrounding region. Chiropractic treatment can help with adjustments to these areas and therefore help relieve pain.


Chronic stress can be a serious problem, and living with it will eventually cause health problems. It also has a high risk of developing into high blood pressure or chronic back pain. Back discomfort is most likely caused by chronic stress, which causes pain in the back, shoulders, and neck. The tension is often accumulated within what are known as “trigger” points. Some trigger points may be very painful and require your company to hire professional help to resolve the issue. Chiropractors are able to relieve pain as well as address underlying imbalances in people’s nervous systems. They can work well for treating patterns of stress and pain that are caused by muscle triggers or other factors.


There are various conditions that have all been proven to be the causes of lower back discomfort. They can range anywhere from arthritis to urinary-tract infections. These can be serious conditions that must be recognized and treated promptly to avoid health problems that can last for a long time. Buena Park chiropractors are certified to recognize these issues and assist you in obtaining the proper treatment. Bone structure may be the root of these problems and a chiropractic visit can often relieve the pain and help restore mobility. If you’re interested in learning more, schedule an appointment with our team today.

If you have questions about how our team at Back to Care Chiropractic can help you, please schedule a consultation today.

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