Arm & Leg Pain Chiropractor In Buena Park CA

Arm Leg Pain Chiropractic Care In Buena Park CA


Your shoulder and hip joints are among the most frequently used and mobile joints. They are also more susceptible to injuries and pain than the patients who see our chiropractor in Buena Park, CA. Whether it’s due to a sports injury or overuse, you may experience varying ranges of pain and mobilization problems. Back to Care Chiropractic shares valuable information about shoulder and leg pain, along with how our chiropractic adjustments can help.


It can be challenging to self-diagnose the cause of your arm or leg pain. If you experienced an obvious injury, such as dislocating your shoulder during a sport, stressing the joint through repetitive motions, or sleeping in an awkward position, resulting in a pinched nerve, the source may not be evident. However, pain that develops over time without an obvious accident or injury or chronic pain can be even more challenging to pinpoint. A thorough assessment by a chiropractor in Buena Park, CA, becomes necessary.

Pain in the arms or legs can have many sources, including arthritis, tendonitis, bursitis, and even misalignment in the neck or lower back. If the spaces through which nerves leave the spine are too narrow because discs or vertebrae have moved out of the proper position, the nerve becomes irritated and can cause pain anywhere along its path. Many patients don’t realize the nerves in the spine move throughout their bodies, all the way to their fingers and toes.

Because of this factor, when the vertebrae are injured, it can cause pain sensations anywhere in the body. For instance, the symptoms of sciatica often result in pain that can run all the way from the hip to the foot.


The joints in the body are complex with various possible causes for leg or arm pain, making it critical to work with an experienced chiropractor in Buena Vista, CA, to determine the root cause. Through a combination of medical history, advanced imaging, and a physical examination, our chiropractor will gain a comprehensive perspective that will help them diagnose your pain.

Once we pinpoint the source of your pain, we will recommend a non-invasive chiropractic adjustment to reposition your vertebrae to provide instant and long-term pain relief. If you have leg or arm pain that persists, schedule an appointment with our chiropractor at Back to Care Chiropractic for an evaluation before the pain gets out of control.

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