Bemer Therapy in Buena Park CA

At Back To Care Chiropractic, we proudly offer Bemer Therapy in Buena Park CA to our patients in Orange County. This advanced technology was designed to improve circulation thereby supporting the body’s natural self-regulating processes.

Bemer Therapy delivers a frequency to the body that stimulates vasomotion and microcirculation. Bemer has documented its effects as they impact: microcirculation, strengthening the immune system, stabilizing the oxidative balance, increasing ATP, and a lot more.

How does Bemer Therapy Help in Buena Park CA?

If you are feeling tired and run down, then you may be looking for a natural solution that can improve overall health and well-being. Back to Care Chiropractic offers Bemer light therapy in Buena Park, CA designed to boost circulation levels while improving the innate healing abilities of your body. Through the use of low-level pulsed electromagnetic fields, Bemer therapy allows you to restore blood supply to tissues, improving oxygen and nutrient delivery while improving healing. This scientifically proven treatment option is perfect for those looking for an alternative to medication-based therapies.


At Back to Care Chiropractic, we understand the needs of our Buena Park, CA patients. Our Bemer red light therapy for the face is perfect for reducing blemishes caused by acne, scars, rosacea, and more. Reduce the visible signs of aging naturally and easily in just a few sessions through the improvement of circulation while restoring confidence and well-being. Our team will create a customized treatment strategy that is centered on your individual goals.


Bemer is designed to improve circulation thereby supporting the body’s natural self-regulating processes. Blood is the body’s universal means of transport. Oxygen, nutrients, chemical messengers (e.g., hormones), and immune cells are all transported through our blood. When our body’s cells, tissues, and organs are adequately nourished, and metabolic waste products are removed, our bodies become healthy and function properly.

Chiropractic Buena Park CA BEMER Therapy

Using a pulsed electromagnetic field, Bemer therapy stimulates your body’s natural self-regulatory processes & can also help improve your blood circulation.


Are you interested in improving overall health and well-being in a more natural way in Buena Park, CA? Bemer therapy is the perfect option for boosting circulation and supporting your body in healing and regeneration. To find out more about our range of services, or for an appointment, call our team today at (714) 527-3332.

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